Thursday, 16 January 2014


The two English Garden designers, Galahad Green and Percival Longprong have arrived in Trompenburg as Guests of the Margrave and Margravina. They are met in the park by their hosts and Nibbins, the palace cat.

Margrave- "My Dear Sirs, it is so good of you to travel to Trompenburg to help me in my design"

Green-"It was good of your Excellencies to invite us"

Margravina- "I trust and pray Master Longprong that you have brought some designs of temples to grace our garden?"

Longprong- "Indeed, I have drawn several designs of temples and grottoes which await your approval."

Margrave-"Splendid, I know you are ingenious in such designs, which is why I asked you here. I am determined that Trompenburg will follow the English and lead the rest of Europe away from such conceits as they still fancy over the border in Arnheim. There the trees still rise in cones , globes and pyramids and we see the mark of the scissors upon every plant and bush. I do not know whether I am singular in my opinion, but for my own part I would rather look upon a tree in all it's luxuriancy and diffusion of boughs and branches, than when it is cut and trimmed into a mathematical figure. (Joseph Addison)

Longprong- "I agree your excellency, there is nothing more shocking than a stiff regular garden." (Batty Langley)

Margravina- "I for one would prefer the loose tresses of a tree or plant that is easily fanned by every gentle breeze or air." (Stephen Switzer)

Green- "Madam, in your garden when we come to copy or imitate nature, we shall trace her steps with the greatest accuracy." (Batty Langley)

Margrave- "Come gentlemen, let us to the park and consult the Genius of the Place." (Alexander Pope)

Nibbins the cat- "Miaow." (Nibbins)

Figures- Green (in green) Phoenix, Longprong (in blue) Dolp, Margrave and Margravina are by Mokarex, Nibbins the cat Rose miniatures I think. Statue of Pan from Green Man and Gatekeeper.

Bracketed names after a speech are of the gardeners of the time who spouted the words originally.


  1. Very enjoyable post, love the 54mm figs.

    Peipp Miniaturen do some nice 54mm figs (12.40 Euros each unpainted), see

    -- Allan

  2. Thanks Allan, I like Peipp figures, but they are very big compared to normal 54mm chaps, broad as well as tall. I love the 18c range they do though so could be tempted.

  3. Great post, most enjoyable.
    Please don't tempt me with those splendid Peipp figures....