Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Two nobles from the Margrave of Trompenburg's court are walking in the palace parkland.

Noble 1- "It is indeed a pleasing vista is it not? A sweeping valley surrounded by wooded hills"

Noble 2- "I believe the Margrave is planning to dam some of the smaller valleys leading into this basin, and form a lake as part of his grand design."

Noble 1- "It is true he has an artist's eye, and I have often heard him say "" All gardening is but landscape painting"".

Noble 2- "I believe an English designer said something similar (William Kent) and his excellency is keen to follow the latest gardening ideas from England. He was a guest of Viscount Cobham of Stowe, whose garden is second to none, and I hear he has invited two English designers to Trompenburg to stay and advise the construction of his own Arcadia".

2 evenings of frantic painting and snarling at my sons to stay out of the attic has paid off. I have finally made and painted a backdrop for my wargames table, and in particular my Imagi-nation. Visitors of 18c gardens may (or may not) recognise that the skyline is based on that of Stourhead , Wiltshire, the most perfect (and over visited) English Arcadia. A Happy New Year to all readers.


  1. Splendid canvas on which to paint.What make are these two figures?Excellent and effective backdrop by the way

    1. Thanks. The 2 figures are red coat (Dolp Miniatures), and grey coat (Mokarex).

    2. Sorry, should have said...54mm.

  2. I admire the backdrop , something I've always thought of doing myself but never got around to yet